Cellular Booster Kits

All kits work on every cellular operators 3G, 4G/LTE & 5G networks in North America, they are easy to install by yourself or by one of our professional installers, and they come complete with everything you need to improve your cellular signal.

Consumer Building Solutions

The consumer series of cellular booster kits features a remarkable high gain Yagi directional antenna that effortlessly captures signals, even in the most challenging scenarios. These kits utilize F Type connectors along with RG6 coaxial cable, similar to what you have for your TV at home. With their user-friendly plug and play design, these kits are specifically crafted to efficiently get the job done.

Enterprise Building Solutions

The enterprise series of booster kits offers complete customization to meet your specific needs. Included is a handy app to connect your smartphone as well as an LCD display on each booster, allowing you to monitor and manage the booster on location or remotely. Additionally, these boosters feature high-quality N Type connectors and 50 ohm coaxial cables, specifically designed to provide you with the best possible cellular signal.